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READ ‘The Glass Kitchen’ online or LISTEN to it in audio format (produced by The Story Player, read by British actor, Jonny McPherson)

Jane Cammack, of Witney in Oxfordshire, has been selected from over 800 entries from writers all over the world as this year’s winner of the Mogford Prize for Food & Drink Writing. Her 2,500 word story, ‘The Glass Kitchen’, has been chosen by Prize founders Jeremy and Hilary Mogford, and this year’s guest judges; award-winning writer Bill Bryson and cookery writer Lorraine Pascale. Jeremy Mogford presented Jane with a cheque for £10,000 and an engraved award at the Mogford Prize party held at Quod Restaurant & Bar in Oxford.

The runner-up shortlisted stories this year, who received cheques of £250, in no particular order, were ‘Dried Apricots & Clotted Cream‘ by Irem Alici, , ‘Sugar and Spies‘ by Paula McQueen, and ‘Moonlight Jasmine’ by Michael Lonty.



READ ‘Bait’ online or LISTEN to it in audio format (produced by The Story Player, read by British voice-over artist, Claire Ottewell)

Nicky Winder was the fifth winner of the annual Mogford Prize for Food and Drink Writing. Her story story ‘Bait’ was selected from entries from across the globe, including stories from China, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, South Africa, Argentina and Surinam. Jeremy Mogford, sponsor of the prize, presented Nicky with a cheque for £10,000 and an engraved award.

The runner-up shortlisted stories, in no particular order, were ‘Dine with the Devil‘ by Johnny Reed, ‘The Gift‘ by Claire Bullen, and ‘Supper for One‘ by Ian Shine.



READ ‘Çay’ online or LISTEN to it in audio format (produced by The Story Player, read by the actor, comedy writer and performer, David Jackson Young)

Martin Pevsner won the 2016 Mogford Prize for his story ‘Çay’ (pronounced Chai). His story beat 613 entries from all over the world including 56 from the United States and Canada, 53 from Africa, and 55 from Asia. What is so extraordinary is that Martin is from down the road in Oxford – and the entries sent to the judges do not include names or addresses!

Martin, who has made the Short List for the Mogford Prize in both 2014 and 2015, is a published author of eleven books and numerous short stories.



READ ‘Bully Beef and Biscuits’ online

Guy Carter, a London-based caricaturist, won the 2015 Mogford Prize for his story ‘Bully Beef and Biscuits’. Remarkably, Guy won the prize two years running.

His tale,  dedicated to Guy’s father, is a story about a Second World War veteran who annually meets his war colleagues for lunch and reminiscences in a little French restaurant in Normandy. Each year, the Maître D’ welcomes them and the chef prepares a special meal. When one of the other diners is put out by their behaviour, the Maître D’ intervenes and has a quiet word with the complainant.



READ ‘Carnivores’ online

The 2014 winner of the annual Mogford Prize was Guy Carter for his winning entry, ‘Carnivores’.

Nearly 400 hundred entries were submitted that year, many of exceptional quality. It was a difficult choice, but the judges favoured ‘Carnivores’ with its ‘unsavoury’ twist at the end.

The story concerns a restaurant critic who cannot believe his luck when he is invited to join a billionaire at an exclusive restaurant, frequented only by the super rich and by invitation only. Exotic meats cooked in innovative ways are the plats du jour, and diners are only told what they are eating once the dish arrives at their table.



READ ‘A Dish of Chocolate Ice Cream’ online

The winner of the 2013 Mogford Prize was Emma Seaman of East Devon for her short story ‘A Dish of Chocolate Ice Cream’.

The story is about a chef who presents an elaborate dish to a young woman who visits his restaurant. By choosing his most exquisite courses, the chef finds himself falling in love … until he learns her choice of dessert. What he does not realise is that he is the punchline of a nasty joke.